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Project Success To Deliver Our Client First Philosophy

Our Beliefs

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Practice Safety First

Given the many risks our field employees face daily, when it comes to safe practices, anything less than excellence is unacceptable. Excellence is achievable when safety objectives are communicated clearly and consistently. Holding ourselves accountable to maintaining well-established processes and systems breeds confidence and situational awareness: both attributes are essential to avoid incidents. At times the seriousness of these high standards can come across as severe or authoritative. Still, it is essential to remember that our safety program comes from a caring and compassionate place. In our endeavor to build projects that improve the quality of life for our families, we cannot forget that the number one priority for our people is to make sure everyone returns home safely after an honest day’s work.

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Invest in People

Our core strength is our People. The success of our company is attributed to our ability to find good people and set them up for success by dedicating the time, training, and support necessary to develop their talents. By investing in the development of future construction industry leaders, we can secure continued measurable growth.

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Strive for Excellence

To achieve the goals outlined in this business plan, it is imperative that our name be synonymous with quality. Quality is more than delivering a project on time and within budget. Quality is achieved when we meet smaller goals throughout the course of a project, applying attention to detail to completing each task. Quality is open communication and honesty, making things right when mistakes occur and identifying challenges before they arise, to mitigate their impacts. Quality is operating with high ethical standards and never compromising our integrity. Quality is everyone’s responsibility and when achieved, everyone shares in its success.

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Pursue Efficiency

Over decades of time and hundreds of projects, we have learned the importance of effective, early-stage preplanning. A moderate investment of time on the front end to establish a well-thought-out, defined, and consistently executed plan is an effective way to minimize uncertainty and increase efficiency. When the plan is effectively communicated and understood between all parties, repeatable project-specific systems and processes can be implemented to maintain schedule, safety, quality and budget goals. A detailed, precise plan allows us to understand our actual cost to perform the work while remaining competitive and increasing profitability.

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Be an Environmental Steward

Our capabilities afford us the unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for people throughout California. Aside from building environmentally beneficial projects, we remain committed to eco-friendly practices such as recycling and reusing construction materials and buying locally to reduce the shipping and trucking footprint whenever possible.

Building Environmental Projects for a Sustainable Future

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