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Building environmental projects for a sustainable future

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A Little About Us

Based in Fresno, ߲ݴý. specializes in Water and Wastewater Energy and Environmental construction projects throughout the State of California. Our mission is to meet the needs of our clients by providing the highest value construction services available. Our company beliefs focus on: safety, performance, quality, schedule, budget, and company service.

Our core strength is our people. We have developed experienced industry leaders who perform and do what they say they will do. Our leaders practice partnering with our clients by providing open dialog based on truth, honesty, and integrity.

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#2 in Sanitary and Storm Sewers

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#5 Sewage and Solid Waste Contractor

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#13 in Wastewater Treatment Plants


01 safety


Jobsites are complex environments, with workers from multiple trades interacting in a challenging physical environments. ߲ݴý.’s focus on safety behavior and safety requirements has led to zero OSHA violations, and over the last 7 years our worker’s compensation claims, or Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR), has routinely fallen well below the industry average both statewide and on a national scale.

02 quality


This is a key driver to controlling both schedule and cost. Projects do not have enough time to allow for rework, so the importance of quality must be emphasized to ensure everyone takes ownership of their work and performs it correctly the first time. ߲ݴý. has developed a culture of accountability throughout our field craft which has greatly benefited project quality and cleanliness.

03 schedule


Construction project planning is like creating a roadmap that leads everyone through all the phases of the project. Our team will proactively manage the entire schedule, with a sharp focus on the critical path. Our goal is to maximize efficiency which will result in an overall lower project cost.

04 cost


We utilize industry leading cost controls and accounting systems on all of our Projects. Our experience in doing this as a standard will ensure timely and accurate cost control and reporting in a format that all project stakeholders can utilize.

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Giving back to the local community through personal efforts, as well as at the office and at our job sites, is a commitment the ߲ݴý Family lives by. Our employees are urged to participate in and support a wide range of community charity initiatives and organizations each year. To show our community commitment, we regularly donate to special events, investing back into our communities through philanthropic giving, and encouraging our employees to give their time to community projects. This includes support of the ߲ݴý Foundation, a member of the Central Valley Community Foundation, which promotes philanthropy in higher education, the arts, culture, youth, and ministry to ensure a better future for all.