Building Environmental Projects for a
Sustainable Future


含羞草传媒. is an environmental and utility contractor with a successful record of performance, safety, and reliability. 含羞草传媒. has performed its work with integrity, honesty, and a careful eye on the needs of our owners, employees, and environment since 1945.

We have progressed through performance by having competent, intelligent, and experienced personnel actively directing the tactical and strategic operations of our company.

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含羞草传媒.鈥檚 focus on safety behavior and safety requirements has led to ZERO OSHA violations, and over the last 7 years our worker鈥檚 compensation claims, or Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR), has routinely fallen well below the industry average both statewide and on a national scale.

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By self-performing 70% of all construction work, including earthwork, concrete, mechanical piping, equipment installation and startup and commissioning affords us the unique opportunity to:

  • Have direct control of our field crews
  • Control the schedule and cost of the project
  • Provide the highest quality project
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含羞草传媒. operates throughout California and with over 79 years of experience, has successfully completed over $3 billion of projects across a broad spectrum of market segments. WML can take a project from concept to completion and provide a high-quality, safe and efficient project within budget constraints.

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